Sacred Heart College, Madanthyar

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell is conceived as mechanism to build and ensure a quality culture at the institutional level. Quality consciousness is crucial in educational institutions. The IQAC channelises and systematises the efforts and measures of an institutions towards academic excellence. the IQAC is working as a driving force for enhancing quality by working out intervention strategies to remove deficiency and enhance quality . As per the UGC guidelines,our college has established as Internal Quality Assurance Cell in 2004 under the chairmen ship of the principal. The activities of the IQAC is monitored by a coordinator. The institution has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the year 2004 as per the guidelines of the NAAC. The IQAC monitors the activities of the college in its pursuit of excellence. The IQAC prepares the academic calendar, time table for routine class room teaching, schedule for the conduct of tests and determines the evaluation process. The cell organises orientation programmes, seminars and workshops to the staff. The IQAC regularly visits the various departments and reviews their activities and gives suggestions wherever needed. At regular meetings the IQAC reviews the activities of the institution. The IQAC periodically reviews the activities of the institution and ensures that the entire process of teaching learning evaluation is in confirmation with the vision and mission of the institution. In fact, it is the IQAC which serves as the pivot around which the entire quality initiatives of the institution revolves. The IQAC solicits the cooperation of the entire stakeholders in implementing the plans of the institution for realizing the goal of quality and excellence in higher education. It plans and organises remedial coaching for slow learners and encourages the advanced learners. The cell also collects feedback from the stakeholders like, students, parents, alumni and the employees regarding the Curriculum and other aspects of the college.

The IQAC in action:

The functions of the IQAC of the college are as follows:
* Development and application of quality parameters for academic and administrative activities of the college
* Creation of student- centric environment for quality education in the college.
* encouraging the faculty to adopt a new pedagogy in teaching learning process by the use of ICT.
* Arrangement for getting feedback from the stake holders.
* Facilitating the staff to arrange seminars, workshops and other inter and intra-institutional activities
* Acting as a nodal agency for coordinating quality related activities including dissemination of good practices.
* Preparing and submitting of AQARs to the NAAC office regularly.

The Composition of IQAC:

1.  Mr. Alex Ivan Sequeira      -   Principal/Chairperson.
2.  Mr. John Baptist D'Souza    –   Coordinator.
3.  Mr. Leo Noronha             -   NAAC Coordinator
4.  Mr. Paul Menezes            –   Member (Librarian)
5.  Mr. Prakash Kramadhary      –   Member (Department of Sociology)
6.  Dr. Prakash D'Souza         -   Member (Department of Physical Education)
7.  Mr. Janardhana Rao D.       -   Member (Department of BCA)
8.  Mr. Nelson Monis            -   Member (Department of PG)
9.  Mr. Rajesh M. Shetty        -   IT Head
10. Mr. Peter Padmaraj          –   Member (Office Superintendent)
11. Mr. Vivek Vincent Pais      –   Management Committiee Member
12. Dr. Radhakrishna            -   Employer (Academic)
13. Mr. Jayaram Shetty          -   Member (President of PTA)
14. Mr. Francis. V V            –   Member (President of Alumni)
15. Mr. Rajesh Rodrigues        –   Member (Industrialist) 
16. Mrs.Nayana Subramanya       -   Member (Local Society)
17. Ms. Mariya Joseph           –   Member (Student Representative)