Sacred Heart College, Madanthyar

Alumni Association

The alumni association of the college has shown keen interest in the overall development of the institution. Annual General meeting is held every year and executive committee meetings are also held regularly to review and plan the activities of the association. If you want to make your contributions for the development of our college you can send your money to our bank account.

Account Name : Old Student Association
IFSC code : CORP0000145
Account no : 0145/SB/01/009135

——–***** 2015-2016 *****——–

Director- Mr.Paul Menezes President- Mr.Maxim Secretary- Ms. Jovita Priya Gonsalves Vice president- Mr.Athahulla Joint- secretary- Ms.Preethi d’souza Treasurer- Mr. Nelson Monis Execuitive members- Mrs. Pavana, Mrs. Thejashree , Mr.Rajshekar Shetty, Mr.Jokim D’souza Mr.Abhram James, Mr.Ashok, Mr.Vijyaendra, Mr.Mithun Kumar, Mr.Vijith, Ms.Renisha, Mr.Sukesh, Mr.Joel Mendonca, Mr. Sirajuddin, Mrs. Bhagyashree, Mr.Sandeep Rai, Mr.Wilson Francis, Mr.Avin Akash Contributions made by the alumni association of Sacred heart College for the past few years * Mr.Ramnath shetty contributed Rs. 150000 towards Mangalore university level kabaddi tournament held in our college on Oct 3,4,5 ,2015. * Association contributed Rs 12000 towards kabaddi tournament held in our college. * Organized a guest lecture program to the final year students. Our alumni C.A Ramanath Rai was the resource person. * Ms Nancy contributed Rs. 10000 towards sports development fund.

——–***** 2014-2015 *****——–

Director- Mr.Paul Menezes President- Mr.Joel Mendonca Secretary- Mrs.Thejashree.B  Association Awarded Rs.12000 Towards Scholarship For Deserved Students On Annual Day  Felicitated The Following Students For Securing Ranks In The Mangalore University Exam 2014 Archana, 3rd Rank In M.Com Deepak Pinto 10th Rank In B.A Safeeda Banu Gold Medal for Securing Highest Marks In Financial Accounts  Mr.Sathish Pujari Contributed Rs.25000 Towrads Annual Sports Day  Mr. Niyazuddin Donated Rs.10000 towards Mid-Day Meal  Mr.Ashok G.U Donated Rs.5000 towards Mid-Day Meal  Ms.Asir Marila Donated Rs.6500 towards Mid Day Meal  Mr.Ronald Rego Contributed Rs.3000 towards Scholarship  Our Alumni Dr.Shaukath Azim,Mr.Rajesh K, Mr.Joel Mendonca, Mr.Shivaprasad,Mr Nelson Monis Participated As Resource Person In Various College Programmes

——–***** 2013-2014 *****——–

Director- Mr.Paul Menezes President- Mr.Ronald Correa Secretary- Miss Pavana  Some of the alumni gave guests talks to the students  Conducted guests lecture programme to I M.Com students on the topic ‘social marketing’. Dr. Shoukath Azim, Department of Sociology, Karnatak University, Dharwad was the resource person.  It extended financial support to the college programmes such as annual Sports day, NSS special camp, midday meal scheme, inter collegiate dance programme and towards scholarship.

——–***** 2012-2013 *****——–

Director- Prof.Rajan V.N President- Mr.Radhakrishna Secretary- Miss Pavana * Contributed Rs.2000 for commerce national seminar. * Rs. 2000 for felicitation of Prof S.S hedge.

——–***** 2011-2012 *****——–

Director- Prof.Rajan V.N President- Mr.Radhakrishna Secretary- Miss Pavana  Association organized a quiz competition to the students  Assisted midday meal with Rs.10000 and given cash prize to the rank holders ———–***———-