Associational Activities

Alumni Association

Sacred Heart College Old Students Association (SHCOSA) is formed to strengthen linkages between the past & present students through college development programs. All the students who have completed their studies in our college can become the member of the association. Annual membership fees Rs. 50/- and the life membership fees Rs. 500/-. The executive committee of the association meets four times a year and the general body meets once in a year. The association will conduct some of the activates for the development of our students and college.

The Parent Teacher Association

The parents of the students on the roll of the college become members of PTA on payment of the membership fee. The membership fee is Rs. 100/- per student per academic year. The parents have the responsibility to attend the General Body meeting of the PTA arranged by the college once in a year and other special occasions. However, the Executive Committee members of PTA meet periodically.

National Service scheme (NSS)

The college has two units of national service scheme (NSS) with the strength of 200 volunteers to create social consciousness among college students along with the development of personality. The programme includes 120 hours of the regular activates per annum for two years & annual special camp for 7 Days .240 hours of regular NSS work and one special camp attend will considered to issue NSS certificate by the University.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

We have a NCC unit which is affiliated to 18 Karnataka Battalian Mangalore. The programme includes physical exercise .Arms training, Leadership Training & to Develop Discipline Patriotic sprit and social consciousness. The cadets can also appear ‘B.’ and ‘C’ certificate examination.

Human Rights Consumer Education Cell

The college has established Human Rights and consumer Education Cell in order to achieve its goal of imparting to every student an adequate knowledge of Human Rights. Awareness of Human Rights and consumer education to all is our ultimate aim.

Women’s Cell

The college has a “Women cell”. All girls students of the college are the members of this cell. It will organise women empowerment & welfare programmes to the students as well as to the public . The cell will endeavour to work at eliminating evils that comfort young women both on the campus and outside they also will work with local women organization & organize programmes beneficial to public.

Human Resource Development Cell

the college ahs established this cell in view of helping students to get useful and systematic guidance on careers open to them in their respective field of study. it can chalk out various enrichment programmes. Counselling facilities are also available for needy students.

Career Guidance & Information Cell

The college ha established this cell in view of helping students to gets useful and systematic guidance on career open to them in their respective field of study . It can chalk out various enrichment programmes and organize campus recruitments.